Civil Litigation

At the McPherson Law Firm, we understand that litigation is rarely an enjoyable experience. We work personally with clients to make it as painless as possible, while providing strong and vigorous representation. Whether you have been sued, or are looking to protect your legal rights or interests, we will work with you to try to achieve the best result possible, whether through litigation or alternative dispute resolution avenues such as mediation or arbitration. The McPherson Law Firm believes attorneys should be complete counselors who help you to make decisions informed with knowledge of your legal rights, and consideration of your ethical standards.

We are available for diverse litigation fields including but not limited to: Commercial litigation; Business litigation; Employment law litigation; Breach of contract litigation; Professional liability defense; Torts litigation; Insurance defense litigation; and Real estate litigation.

Corporate Governance

At the McPherson Law Firm, we will work with Corporations and Officers to make sure that corporate documents are professionally written, and that corporate formalities are maintained. Furthermore we will help directors to operate companies in correspondence with their fiduciary duties and maintain the protection of the business judgment rule.

We also are available for advice and representation of business entities, shareholders, and/or directors in litigation or disputes.

Small Business Planning

Entrepreneurs are the heart of our economy. We understand that complying with all the state and local codes and statutes can sometimes seem a daunting task. At the McPherson Law Firm, we offer full-service business planning. This includes consultation about appropriate corporate form, the nuances of employment law for initial hiring, drafting of formation documents and operating agreements or by-laws, consultation about relevant county or municipal codes, as well as non-legal assistance with business plans/finance plans, and marketing.

Appellate Advocacy

At the McPherson Law Firm, we know judgment in trial courts frequently is not the end of the legal journey. Our attorneys are available to represent clients in appeals in state and federal courts.

Estate Planning

The disposition of an estate can be a taxing matter for the loved ones of the deceased. Having a plan of action in place to determine the distribution, preservation, and continuity of assets is an important step in decreasing that burden. At the McPherson Law Firm, we understand that estates - large and small - deserve the attention of an attorney. We take the time to address and analyze all of the needs and concerns or our clients, and work with them to determine the most cost-effective method to achieve the desired result.



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